Beginning of PresentationBeginning of Presentation

Last Friday I had the chance to fly down to Toronto to give a presentation at their Pebble Meetup. The day started off early, I woke up and rehearsed my presentation to ensure I was around the 45 minute mark. Since this was my first time presenting since highschool I must admit, I was slightly nervous! After rehearsing my presentation I headed to the airport to catch my flight to Toronto. The weather on Friday was pretty miserable so before the flight took off they had to spray it down to de-ice it. It’s almost like a car wash… for planes.

De-icing the planeDe-icing the plane

Anyhow enough about the journey there and onto the presentation itself! Kinn, one of the Pebble Toronto Rockstars, asked me to talk PebbleKit and it’s support across various platforms. Since I was in the middle of exams I didn’t have much time to come up with complex examples to demonstrate, so I just gave a simple demonstration of the hidden sports app using PebbleKit Android. For my PebbleKit JS demo I made a simple app which loaded quotes from the web which could be customized via a Clay configuration page. I should probably mention that all of my talk and the related demos are available on my github. The audience, was quite impressed and really engaged in the presentation and coding demos. Hopefully I’ve inspired some of them to use PebbleKit in their future (or current) projects.

The talk lasted almost 1.5 hours, double my estimated time! I guess that’s what happens when you’re doing coding demos and presenting something you’re actually passionate about, unlike my shakespeare presentations in highschool. Thankfully the extra time wasn’t a big deal since I was the only person presenting that night and we had the Mozilla office booked for 3 hours. Speaking of the Mozilla, what an awesome place! They had a snack bar and a drink fridge, I wish my previous summer jobs had those! (Note: will work for food.)

I’m glad Pebble had asked me to go out and present and I hope to continue presenting in the future! Here are a few images from my trip: